Are you tired of feeling a lack of motivation to stick with dieting and exercising? Do you keep starting and stopping diets… only to end up right back at square one all over again?

If this is the case, then in this article here I'm going to share with you 2 very interesting (or should I say… SHOCKING) weight loss motivational tips that will transform your way of thinking when it comes to diet and exercise. Continue reading to learn more.

Alright, the first thing I would like to talk to you about is motivation as it relates to diet and exercise.

Most people are under the impression that the type of motivation you need to stick with dieting and exercising is something external (such as watching motivational videos, reading motivational stories, reading quotes, seeing before and after photos, etc.).

All of those things are perfectly fine… IN THE BEGINNING!

After you have built up motivation from external sources, that has to be counted as your “jump starter” for getting started with a diet and exercise plan. After you have started your plan, it is imperative that the motivation you receive from this point on is INTERNAL motivation.

What is internal motivation?

Well, what this means is that you are relying on YOU to provide you with the motivation you need to maintain a strong willpower and self-discipline to stick with your goals. And in order to do that, here are those 2 weight loss motivational tips that can help you achieve internal motivation… consistently…If You Fail… That's Actually Not Bad?!

Seriously. If you are experiencing failure with your diet and/or fitness efforts, then this is something that is actually considered a good thing.

Why is that?

Well, failing with the things you have to do with transforming your body is an indicator of one or two things.

1.) Either your body isn't responding to what you're doing.2.) Or what it is you are doing… doesn't work.

And both of those are actually good things to find out!This means that you have either discovered that your body will respond better to a different type of diet or fitness plan, or you've discovered that what you are doing right now isn't working.

But, there is a caveat…

Once you identify failure… STOP and readjust! If you keep going thinking that it's just your body responding slowly to a particular type of diet or fitness plan… but it's actually that what it is you are doing just doesn't work, then of course you are going to be pretty disappointed… to say the least!The easiest solution here is to only stick with doing things that are 100% all natural. The reason why is because anything all natural… is GUARANTEED to work for ANYONE.Natural dieting is pretty much any type of program that is based around eating natural foods and doing natural dieting techniques (such as eating in different ways to raise your metabolism).As far as fitness is concerned, the quickest answer to what works is to avoid doing excessive cardio, ensure that you are building lean muscle, and be sure to increase the intensity level of your exercises each week to prevent reaching a plateau.Bottom line here is that you should never look at failure as a reason to quit. Look at it as an opportunity to identify what WILL work for you and what doesn't. The key here however is to make sure that if you do in fact fail, IMMEDIATELY get right back up and back on track!

You Have To Set THREE Goals… Not One…

When beginning a weight loss plan, most people set a normal goal to say “flatten their stomach in 2 months” or “lose X amount of pounds by X date”, etc. That's okay, but setting just that type of goal will be next to impossible to help you sustain focus and determination to stick to your plan.

What you need to do is set 3 different types of goals to get the best results:

  1. 1Your primary goal… This goal is what it is you want to achieve by the end of your plan (such as those 2 examples I mentioned above).
  2. 2Your motivating goal… This goal is something that will REALLY help you with staying committed to your plan.

A goal such as this is something very specific that you want to achieve with all the hard work you are putting in to eating healthier and staying active.Examples of this type of goal would be something like being able to fit in your favorite jeans again, looking hot for an upcoming Class Reunion, looking good in your wedding dress, looking amazing at the beach, feeling more confident in public, increasing your confidence around someone you're attracted to, and more!

  1. 3Your daily goals… With this, you have to set small achievable daily goals that will help you inevitably reach your primary and motivating goals. These goals are simple things for you to achieve each day (such as drinking nothing but water, or jogging a little further than you did yesterday, and more).

So, as you can see from the above, getting motivated and staying motivated with losing weight is not as difficult as it once seemed.If you experience failure with something that you are doing, that doesn't mean it's time to quit. It means that you have to adjust what it is you are doing and this means that you are now learning your body (which is a HUGE benefit).

Of course, simply just sticking with 100% all natural methods in the first place will produce nothing but success, so it pays big time to ensure that with whatever it is you do, stay NATURAL.When you set goals, don't just focus on your primary goal. Also set a really motivating goal (such as being more confident) and be sure to set daily goals that will all help you achieve your primary goal.Following these 2 simple tips should certainly help make it a whole lot easier for you to FINALLY get the body you have been working so hard to obtain!