Exercises to burn fat fast CAN be a challenge. However, if you take note of the following 3 awesome exercise tips, not only will you find it more EASIER to get in great shape, you will actually receive mind-blowing results faster than you ever thought possible!

1.) The first amazing exercise tip is to break up your workout routine.

For example, instead of exercising for 45 minutes, break it up into small exercise sessions throughout the day (such as 10 minute workouts done 4 times a day)!

The reason this type of exercising works so well is because first, it's VERY easy to stick to, second, you will seriously increase your metabolism, and third, you will burn off fat much more effectively and quicker.

2.) The next tip is another option based off what I just mentioned in #1.

If you would rather do you workout in one shot, then another way you can make your exercise very simple and still be able to burn up to 20% more fat than normal exercising is take a short break during your cardio routine! The reason this will do wonders is because this will actually increase your bodies fat burning hormones!

3.) The next killer tip for exercising to burn fat off LIGHTNING fast is to exercise as soon as you awake.

Don't worry, if you don't have a gym membership, you can simply do an at-home body-weight routine. Here's an example routine:

A.) Warm up for 60 seconds by running place.

B.) Do 25 jumping jacks.

C.) Do 10 push ups.

D.) Do 20 mountain climbers.

E.) Do 25 body weight squats.

F.) Run in place with high knees for 30 seconds.

G.) Rest for 60 seconds.

Now repeat B - G 3 times for a KILLER at-home workout that takes less than 20 minutes!

You see, the reason exercising first thing in the morning works like a charm is because of the following:

Throughout the day, your body relies on carbohydrates that you eat from your daily meals for energy. Also, when you sleep, your body will use carbs as well to ensure the body functions properly during rest. 

Now, this is where the fat burning trick comes in:

When you first awake in the morning, WITHOUT eating anything (especially carbs), and then you do an exercise session, the energy your body needs to perform the workout has to come from somewhere, right? Well guess what? If your body doesn't have carbohydrates to supply for energy, then what it will do is take a detour and start using STORED BODY FAT as the source of energy!

If that wasn't enough, working out first thing in the morning will also give you an additional boost in energy all day long and will also help keep your metabolism remain active throughout the day as well! 

A faster running metabolism is what will have you burn off a lot of calories, have an abundance of energy, and of course, you'll lose a lot of weight and stubborn body fat in the process!