Most of us who have embarked on a weight loss journey will usually reach a point where we will end up getting angry, losing motivation, breaking away from our plan, and inevitably… just throwing in the towel.

Listen, if you are going through this right now, or maybe you've went through it once before and are ready to jump back in… but you're nervous those feelings are going to return, or you haven't started a diet before and just want to avoid suffering from these common issues, then continue reading this article to learn more about what it is you can do to fix and prevent these issues.

In this article here, I'm going to talk about 4 pretty common issues that anyone who is trying to lose weight more than likely will encounter. But, I'm also going to share with you 4 pretty simple solutions you can put in place to get around those common problems.

If you apply the methods below, I can assure you, no more will you feel frustrated, defeated, annoyed, and having any other negative emotion you may have felt with trying to reach your weight loss goals!

Problem #1 – You've reached a point where you have just stopped losing weight…

This is better known as a “weight loss plateau”. What this means is that you were dieting and exercising… you were losing weight… and then your results just suddenly stopped! Clearly, this is very frustrating, annoying, and can make you feel like giving up.

The reasons you may have stopped losing weight could be because of one or two issues:

  1. 1You were doing an ineffective and unnatural diet. A diet like this is typically anything that is too restrictive (such as dropping your calorie intake by hundreds of calories a day).
  2. 2Or, you did not adjust your diet and fitness as you lost weight.

The good news is that to solve this issue, it is beyond easy to do! The simple solution is to ensure that you are for one going on a 100% all natural diet, and secondly, ensure that you adjust your diet and exercise routines as you lose weight.

Here is what to do…

A.) Choose a natural diet that is centered around eating the right foods, the right amount of calories, and eating in the right way in order to effectively and consistently lose weight.

B.) Slightly decrease your caloric intake as you lose weight. For example, eating the same amount of calories you were eating at 218 pounds would obviously be a problem if you are still eating the same amount once you've dropped down to 208 pounds.

*Note* This point may not be much of a factor if you are doing intense workouts and are burning off a ton of calories.

C.) With exercising, it is very important that you adjust the intensity of your workouts as you lose weight. For example, if you've managed to run a mile a day for one week, increase it to a mile and a half next week. Or, with weight training, increase the amount of reps and/or weight that you are using, etc.

Problem #2 – “I'm a busy bee with no time for me!”

A busy life is certainly a common issue for any one who is trying to change their bodies. Often, this is typically the biggest excuse many have for not accomplishing their goals to lose weight and improve their overall health.

And yes, I just said “excuse”. And here's why…

No matter how busy your life may be, there will always be a way for you to improvise, adapt, and overcome… and stick to living a healthier lifestyle.

You got to eat something, right?

You got to stay hydrated, right?

You got to go to sleep, right?

Well, if you already have to do those things, then all you need to do is the healthier version of each. Eat healthy, drink water, and either go to bed earlier or wake up later to ensure you are getting at least 7 hours of rest nightly.

Want some examples of how you can improvise, adapt, and overcome with living a healthier lifestyle?

Here you go…

  • Prepare your meals in advance.
  • Keep a large water jug with you wherever you go.
  • Have easier foods (such as protein shakes, sandwiches, salads, yogurts, pastas, vegetable and fruit slices, soups, and more). Speaking of soups, that is probably the most easiest, nutritious, and beneficial food you can have if you have a busy lifestyle.

Think about it, you prepare a huge pot of soup containing all types of healthy ingredients on a Sunday morning, and now you have an easy and delicious meal you can quickly just heat up throughout the week! Easy peasy!

Exercise at home with just your body weight. No one said that you HAVE to go to the gym or you HAVE to spend a fortune on fitness equipment. You can use the outdoors as your “gym” and/or you can do simple body weight circuit routines at home. Less space, less equipment, easy, fast, fun (especially since you can mix it up each day), and as a nice bonus… dirt cheap!

Problem #3 – You just don't have it in you to exercise…

Another common issue most don't have the motivation to exercise is that they don't have the energy to do so. Again, as I mentioned above, there is ALWAYS a way! No excuses! And I'm going to show you what to do…

To ensure you have ample amounts of energy, always ensure that you have a GOOD breakfast.

This means you need to avoid eating sugary meals (like sugary cereals). Instead, have nutrient dense meals (like oatmeal, nuts, eggs, whole grains, fruits, and even veggies). When you start your day right, you'll be amazed at how much energy you'll have… ALL DAY LONG! And as a bonus, you'll also have less cravings as well!

Lay off the caffeine.

Now, I'm not saying to avoid it completely. I'm saying that you must ensure that you are not overdoing it. Too much caffeine will cause a significant energy crash later in the day… which of course could mean you'll end up skipping your workout… or doing something else active.

I recommend that if you drink coffee, limit the amount to about 2 cups.

Oh, and by the way, caffeine (in moderation) actually helps with boosting your metabolism! YAY!

Stay away from fad diets.

Unnatural dieting is a surefire way to not only lose energy, but to also cause problems with your digestive system, your metabolism, and your overall health. Stick with 100% all natural dieting (which basically means NEVER starving yourself and NEVER restricting nutrients too much).

Drink more water.

The more hydrated you are… the more energy you'll have!

Get at least 7 hours of sleep.

If your body is not well rested, you will most certainly experience the negative consequences of it throughout the day!

So, as you can see, there is always a solution for any problem that many who are trying to lose weight may encounter. If you are suffering from any of those issues above, just apply those proven effective solutions… and get back on track to reaching your goals!