The thought of your skin aging before it should isn’t a pleasant thought, and if you’re making poor decisions about your diet and lifestyle, you might be jeopardizing your skin and health in the long term. Here are some natural tips which can help prevent the premature aging of your skin.

1. Use sunscreen and stay in the shade

During the hottest parts of the day (usually 11am-3pm), limit the time that you spend outdoors to only the essential. When you are going outside, protect your skin by using sunscreen – your face should be protected no matter what the weather is like. Using Sun Protection Factor 50 or higher is essential during the hot months, particularly if you have fair skin or tend to burn easily in the sun.

2. Find the time to sleep enough

One of the main challenges that a lot of adults face is getting enough sleep. Whether it’s the stresses of day to day life or the constant noise of children keeping you up at night, there are many reasons why many of us struggle to sleep. This could be part of a bigger problem such as insomnia, in which case you should speak to your doctor, since a lack of sleep can cause you to age quicker than you should.

3. Get enough exercise through the week

Just like you factor sleep, work, food and social time into your schedule, find some time for exercise. This is just as important as getting a good diet and looking after your skin, and if you want to slow down the aging process or prevent premature aging of your skin, you’ll need to invest some time into getting your heart rate up. You can try different exercises such as dancing, swimming, yoga, tennis and pilates – these are all great options to keep you feeling and looking younger.

4. Use gentle products

Just because something says the words ‘anti-aging’ on the packet doesn’t mean you should buy it. Research before you buy any products, and speak to a dermatologist who can advise on which products are best for your skin and which you are or may be allergic to. This could help you to solve many long-term problems about your skin, as well as figuring out sooner rather than later the best way to prevent your skin from aging early.