Bad Habits That Never Support Your Emotional Well-Being

Mental health is important, and your emotional well-being is a major part of the overall picture of your mental health. It may or may not come as a shock to you that you may have developed bad habits that are negatively affecting your emotional well-being without you even knowing it!

These six bad habits can never help, and often even harm, your emotional well-being. If you find yourself falling prey to these habits, it is time to kick them to the curb.

Being a Perfectionist

Pursuing success is an extremely healthy habit, but there is such thing as going to far when reaching for excellence. Being a perfectionist becomes a negative habit when that pursuit renders you unable to accept your own work as positive. In this sense, being a perfectionist becomes a habit that is holding you back.

Learn to accept that you are never going to be able to perfect every aspect of your life. Failures, both big and small, are a part of life. Failure is unavoidable and a preoccupation with failure will leak into all aspects of your life, like a ripple effect.

Lack of Exercise

The body craves exercise. According to Psych Central, exercise is not only good for your body, it is necessary for the health of your mind. Exercise releases dopamine and other neurological endorphins that naturally regulate mood and ward off depression.

I am not saying that you should jump off of your couch and sign up for a 10k. Quite the contrary, actually. Regular, appropriate exercise is a regimen for a healthy mind. If you are not currently getting enough exercise, start small. Begin with a thirty minute walk a few times a week.

Chances are, you will start to feel better, and you may even like it enough to work out more often.

Social Media

Social media is not entirely bad, and in fact, it even has a lot of positive uses. However, too much social media is not healthy for the brain. Trends on social media lean toward sharing over filtered pictures and an unnatural peak into our acquaintance’s lives. It is easy to forget that these people are probably not sharing the whole truth with us on Facebook.

This oversaturation of perfect pictures can lead us down the rabbit hole of believing our lives do not equate. The simple solution to this is to put away Facebook and focus on the positive.


You cannot change the past. It may sound cliché but the saying is absolutely true. Regret serves no purpose other than to steal our joy. Let go of past regrets and focus only on the future, living in regret is one of the absolute worst habits for your mental health.

One suggestion for letting go of regret might be to write a letter. This simulation can help you to move past the pain of regret and into the future with a positive, fresh slate.

Poor Sleep

Although scientists cannot explain why, sleep is a necessary part our brain function. Losing sleep is bad for you both physically and mentally. Do not let your body lose sleep, it is an essential function for your health.

A few tips to increase your ability to sleep at night are to: avoid caffeine in the nights and evenings, drink plenty of water, avoid screen time thirty minutes before bed, and get adequate exercise during the day! If you still struggle to sleep, consider checking out the natural supplement of melatonin.

Not Enough Outdoor Time

Vitamin D deficiency is a real health problem. Getting sunshine is necessary and it is healing. There have been entire books written about the healing qualities of nature, and I truly believe that spending too much time indoors has detrimental effects on mental health.

As an added bonus, spending time outdoors can help with the lack of exercise as well.