Be Positive about Yourself and Love All of Your Flaws

    Be Positive about Yourself and Love All of Your Flaws

    One of the most useful skills to master to help cope with the dynamic lifestyles in the modern world is embracing your imperfections. Flaws are a big part of being human and no one, not even the wealthiest or the most privileged, can truly say they have the perfect life free of flaws.

    How you perceive individual flaws determines their scale of influence in your life. To some, flaws are their primary justification for living below their potential, while to others they are a constant reminder they need to better themselves to better their situation.

    The most important thing to remind yourself every time you are in touch with your flaws is, imperfections do not make you inadequate in life, a wrong mentality does. The whole essence of life is not to live it ‘perfectly’ as this is unattainable.

    It’s an everyday experience that presents a ton of opportunities and imperfections to work with that can be transformed into desirable outcomes in the long run.

    Acknowledging and Appreciating your Flaws for What They Are

    Working With What You Have

    Many aspects bring balance to your life. Focusing only on your flaws is being unfair to yourself, but if you are willing to take time to pinpoint each and every weakness in your life, you might as well take time to do something to remedy how they affect you.

    Categorize your flaws into two, those imperfections you can do something about and those that are beyond your control. Knowing your limitations helps you make concessions in life and move on without the burden of self-pity.

    Character flaws like having an uncontrollable need to be validated, temper issues or anything that reflects low self-esteem can be improved systematically. Flaws that revolve around disability or permanent health conditions will require you to seek ways to help you embrace your reality, not by alienating yourself, but surrounding yourself with an enabling support system.

    Opening Up And Clearing Communication Channels

    It is especially hard to uphold a positive mentality or even accepting your flaws if you are continually trying to hide them from the world. Many people are too devastated by their shortcomings, and they tend to imagine the world will turn on them once they expose their flaws.

    They build a wall around their life with their unattached personalities and are always living in their heads (as a means to avoid facing life), resulting in depression. You will be amazed by what others have to deal with in their day once you decide to open up.

    Communicating to trusted people about your inadequacies lets you sigh with relief and get a different perspective from people who have already experienced similar feelings and circumstances.

    Redefine Yourself

    Having flaws and being insecure about them often makes people assume a persona that displays the weakness, self-doubt and constant anxiety they are trying to hide.

    Projecting this to the public gives others an opportunity to judge us, crush our ego and deprive the motivation to thrive in life. Giving others power to define and control your life lets third parties misuse and abuse you, however it suits them.

    You need to take back the control by first building some positivity within you to make your inner voice work for you instead of against you.

    Feeling good about yourself makes your persona more assertive and impervious to negativity from others. This way you can seek what you truly desire in life, indulge in activities that fulfill you and also turn your flaws into stepping stones as you work to improve on yourself.

    Everyone is subject to their own set of imperfections in life. Without such flaws, the human experience would lose its luster. Part of the beauty of life is in not knowing what tomorrow holds, and with every good fortune or misfortune coming our way, a new opportunity arises for us to improve on our existence.

    Never apologize for your flaws, own them boldly like badges that remind you of your tenacity in life.

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