What Everybody Ought to Know about Oat Milk

Lesson 1

There’s a thirst for trendy Oat Milk! Learn the basics

The 20th century sure is seeing many new and wonderful trends when it comes to the food industry. People are becoming more health conscious as they face certain health challenges, and progressive consumers today are becoming the window on the future of health and wellness.

Consumers are more inclined today to make significant changes to their lifestyles – they are focusing more on sustainable diets to fight the huge digestion and inflammation problems of unhealthy eating habits.

You might not have heard of oat milk before, a new health trend and a very popular one, particularly in the coffee industry. OK, you might know of other non-dairy milk products such as almond milk and rice milk, but maybe not so much about oat milk – yet.


To put it simply, it’s a cow’s milk alternative; but you will see it appearing more frequently on your supermarket shelves as it takes off. It is a highly attractive product simply because it has such a delicious flavor. But apart from that it also comes with a very impressive nutrient profile.

Let’s look at how oat milk came about; what it is really all about

But why is it so unique?

That looks healthy which means there must be health benefits, right?

Try oat milk in your smoothies

OK, there are a couple of disadvantages

You are probably asking, “Does oat milk actually measure up to conventional milk and even almond milk?”

If Ayurveda practices and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) use oat milk, it must be good

Oat milk as a beauty product too!

Oat Milk green smoothie

The milk trend is global and oat milk is selling out – there is not enough!

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