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Essential Nutrients For Vegetarians

Lesson 1

Many people choose a vegetarian or vegan diet for ethical reasons such as preventing cruelty towards animals. Some people become vegetarians because the production of animal products for food is bad for the environment. Others choose the vegetarian diet for health reasons. Whatever the reason, about 10% of the population in the western world are some form of vegetarian or vegan and that number is climbing.

A vegetarian diet can provide all the nutrients that the body needs to be healthy, but there are certain nutrients that need extra attention to ensure that you are getting the amounts that your body requires.

Generally, vegetarians and vegans cut out the consumption of animal proteins from their diets, however there are different variations of vegetarians and vegans who define their eating preferences as such:

  • Pescatarian – a vegetarian who eats fish
  • Lacto-vegetarian – a vegan who eats dairy
  • Ovo-vegetarian – excludes all animal products except eggs
  • Lacto-ovo vegetarian – both eggs and dairy are permitted
  • Pollotarian – only eggs are allowed
  • Fruitarians – eat only fruits, nuts and seeds
  • Vegan –won’t eat any animal product (including honey).
  • Flexiaterians – vegetarians who sometimes eat fish and meat

The type of vegetarian a person is will determine which nutrients they have to focus on to ensure they are meeting their body’s daily needs. This article will walk you through a number of essential nutrients that vegetarians need to be mindful of in order to maintain a balanced and healthy diet.

Protein For Vegetarians

Vitamin B12 For Vegetarians

Iron For Vegetarians

Zinc For Vegetarians

Omega 3 For Vegetarians

Omega 6 And 9 For Vegetarians

Vitamin D For Vegetarians

Iodine For Vegetarians

Calcium For Vegetarians

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