Nobody relishes the idea of dieting during the holidays. With so many seasonal treats about (and several days of leftovers), it’s not easy to stick to your plan. But consider the alternative: Eating whatever you want for days on end, and then starting the New Year with extra pounds to lose. Ugh!

You can celebrate with family and friends without breaking your diet. First, designate which meals will be “splurge” meals. Indulge without guilt during those meals, and eat sensibly the rest of the time.

You can keep yourself on track by filling up on low-calorie snacks before you sit down to a tempting feast. Keep your portions small, and drink plenty of water or tea between bites.

Try to stay as active as possible during the holidays. It might not be realistic to hit the gym on a holiday, but do get outside for a nice stroll and maybe a snowball fight or two.