As any new parent will tell you, kids are a full-time job unto themselves. But many moms and dads regard the birth of a child as a new phase in life, and they want to take the opportunity to shed excess pounds and be the best parent they can be.

So how do busy parents make time when they have a demanding infant or toddler underfoot? There are several tactics, actually.

First, try to get someone to watch the baby while you sneak in a workout. You never know; your spouse or parents might cherish the thought of having some regular one-on-one time with the new arrival.

If babysitters are scarce, try some exercises you can do with the baby. If you have an infant, join a stroller walking club for fun and fitness. If you have a toddler or older child, take them to the park or swimming pool. You’ll have a good time while you get fit!