Aerobic exercise doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, boredom is a leading reason why many people don’t stick to their exercise routines. Who wants to jog in one place on a treadmill every day?

Luckily, some of the coolest activities are also great calorie-burners! A 150-pound person burns 408 calories an hour playing a casual game of basketball. That same person would burn 400 calories by hitting a punching bag for an hour, or 340 calories during an hour of playground games.

A touch football game burns 544 calories per hour. Horseback riding burns 270 calories per hour, and an additional 232 if you unsaddle and groom the horse afterward. Motocross also burns 270 calories an hour.

One hour of roller-skating will provide lots of entertainment (and burn 476 calories). An easy-paced game of softball or baseball burns 340 calories an hour, while a casual racquetball game burns 476.

What’s a quick, easy, fun and inexpensive way to burn major calories? Jumping rope! A 150-pound person will burn a whopping 680 calories an hour.