“All you can eat!” Those four words are enough to send many dieters into a panic. Unlimited food – and the ability to serve yourself massive portions – is not conducive to losing weight. Still, you can safely navigate a buffet on occasion by following these tips:

First, don’t show up hungry. If you’re half-starved when you arrive at the buffet, you’ll be very likely to overeat. Instead, snack on fruit and veggies before you even leave the house, to take the edge off of your hunger.

At the buffet, skip the bread basket and fill your plate with salad and vegetables drizzled in a low-calorie dressing. Get some lean protein as well. Look for grilled or roasted meats instead of fried or breaded.

Drink water or unsweetened tea, and sip a broth-based soup to help you fill up faster. If you still have room for dessert, have something small like a half-cup of frozen yogurt with fat-free chocolate syrup.