Have you been trying your best to stop making excuses to diet and exercise... BUT... you still keep losing motivation and not staying consistent with your goals?

Are you tired of hearing the same ol' motivational tip to "just do it", etc.?

Well, if you are reading this article here, then that tells me that you have had enough with stopping and starting diets and you just want a solution to your lack of motivation.

So, to get straight to the point here, the best way to stop making excuses and to help increase your willingness to commit to diet and exercise is to look for motivation to get STARTED with your goals, and then rely on your commitment and self-discipline to CONTINUE your journey...

The reason why is because motivation is not going to always be there or always be effective for you at a particular moment. It's your commitment and self discipline that will keep you going.

To increase your ability to commit, you have to choose a diet and exercise program that is highly effective and simple to do, and you have to shift your mindset to having an approach to changing your body as a way of life... not just some quick "get fit and then quit" type of approach.

The reason for this is because when you shift your mindset to that of someone who makes improving their health and body a way of life, everything that you do to get in better shape becomes second nature. Just as you have your daily routines, making healthier decisions will also become a natural part of your daily activities.

On the other hand, if your mindset is that you are only going to diet and exercise just until you get in shape, then this could cause you to not have strong self discipline and willpower, and you'll more likely fail with your goals.

To increase self discipline, making a commitment to live healthier for LIFE will help you with stay committed, but another thing I recommend you do is to keep your goals in your mind at all times.

If you for example, want to get in shape because you want to feel more confident in everyday life, then that goal is something you need to constantly think about and remind yourself with everyday. You also don't have to actually focus on the goal directly, you can also do so indirectly...

For example, let's use the "wanting to feel more confident" goal. An indirect way to remind yourself about this goal is to put yourself in situations where you would feel a whole lot better being in if you had the body you always wanted.

Such as being in large crowds, going to parties, hanging out with friends, going to special events, going to the beach, going swimming, etc.

Bottom line, the secret (if you want to call it that) to staying consistent with your goals is to ONLY rely on motivation to start your journey, and then focus on strengthening your self-discipline and commitment level to continue and FINISH your goals.

Once you make this adjustment, you'll find it MUCH more easier to stick with your diet and exercise plan!