Walking and running can both have seriously positive effects on your health, but you can burn even more calories by combining the two. Running at 8 mph burns nearly a thousand calories for an individual weighing 160 pounds, but you might not be able to run that fast for that long when you’re just starting out. That’s where interval training can help.

Interval training involves walking and running at various speeds during each session. For example, you could warm up by walking at a relaxed pace, then walk briskly for 10 minutes, jog for 5, walk for 5, sprint for 3, jog for 5 more, and so forth.

This keeps your body from becoming complacent. Keep it guessing, and you’ll keep your metabolism in overdrive. Also, because there are periods of relative rest in between your jogs and sprints, you can sustain a walk/run workout longer than a simple run.