Hypnosis for Anxiety Disorders

    Hypnosis for Anxiety Disorders

    Hypnosis is recognized as being effective in treating people with anxiety disorders. The British Psychological Society is now acknowledging hypnosis as one of the viable therapeutic options for anxiety disorder.

    It is important to note that to ensure effectiveness, a person needs to undergo “clinical hypnosis,” where professionally trained and licensed individuals conduct the hypnosis sessions.

    How Hypnosis Can Help People with Anxiety Disorders

    Through hypnosis, the brain can be rewired to alter negative perceptions about any stressful situation. These negative thoughts and beliefs will be replaced with more relevant and constructive thoughts that will help them become better at managing stressful triggers and events.

    Hypnosis recordings may consist of statements that at first may not make much sense to the patient. However, these recordings have messages that target the subconscious mind.

    These commands will initially enable a person to enter a more relaxed state. This state of feeling is similar to what you feel when you are in a daydreaming state.

    Hypnosis Can Help People Beat Anxiety

    If you are a person suffering from an anxiety disorder, your subconscious mind is often filled with negative messages that lead you to be anxious. However, with the help of a licensed hypnotist, you will be treated to help clear your mind, and help you become more able to diminish the effects of the negative messages in your subconscious.

    Hypnosis will help determine the events that trigger a person’s automatic fight or flight (stress) response. Instead of responding unconsciously to the triggers, or automatic responses that make a situation worse, you will become more positive in your thoughts.

    Instead of reacting right away, you will learn to pause and reassess the situation. This will help you realize that the situation at hand is not as stressful or dangerous as you first thought.

    It will also help you realize that any upcoming or future similar event is within your ability to handle it, which will prevent you from becoming overly anxious while thinking about it.

    Therefore, by regularly undergoing hypnosis sessions, you will develop better control over how you react to a specific situation. Your emotional responses will become proportionate to the circumstances, instead of to your old programmed involuntary response. As a result, those anxiety triggers will cease to elicit the same fight or flight response in you.

    Hypnosis helps a person develop the ability to carefully examine their deeply ingrained beliefs in their subconscious, or the real deep-rooted cause of their anxiety.

    Once their beliefs are recognized as not being as fearful as they once believed them to be, they will be better able to face people and events more neutrally, even if they evoked anxiety previously.

    Why You Should Not Rely on Traditional Therapies Alone

    Many traditional therapeutic techniques employed by experts have been found to work effectively in managing a person’s anxiety response. However, most of the time these traditional therapies only work to control or suppress the person’s fear or anxiety.

    They do not seek to address the underlying causes, so the anxiety response will still exist and may strike at any time if triggered. This is why it is important to find and address the root cause of anxiety, which is what hypnosis aims to do.

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