Whether it’s the start to your day or the way you revitalize yourself after a difficult workout, there are some ingredients which will give your smoothie that extra boost. While you shouldn’t try to cram everything into one smoothie, you can look at these key ingredients and use them to make amazing drinks and juices. 

With so many different foods to experiment with, there’s almost no end to the recipes you can come up with!


Bananas give you an extra burst of energy, and they’re thick enough to give other fruits a bit more body. Bananas are an ideal food to use as your base for the smoothie, using a few other fruits an additions. If you are using bananas in your smoothies, you can also add coconut milk, almond milk or dairy milk to get your protein intake.


Owing to their strong tangy taste, raspberries have become a firm favorite in smoothies. They are full of antioxidants to help cleanse your body, and aid with weight loss too. Many women have praised raspberries for the benefits they have in helping to reduce pains and tummy cramps during periods. 

Raspberries are also thought to help reduce inflammation in the skin, as well as ease redness and other problems with the skin.


You can use fresh cranberries and put them in a juicer, or you can buy cartons of cranberry juice and add to the rest of your ingredients. As well as aiding weight loss, cranberry juice is well known for preventing urinary tract infections.


For a truly fresh smoothie, peel the skin off the orange and add to your juicer. If you want an easier option, and similar to the cranberry juice, you can buy freshly squeezed orange juice in a carton and add this to the smoothie. Oranges contain high levels of vitamin C to keep you feeling strong and healthy, and they have high levels of antioxidants too.

Peanut butter

You can add protein and healthy fats to your diet quite quickly by including natural peanut butter in your smoothies. You only need to add a teaspoon full of peanut butter, since it is rich and thick and will quickly add taste and texture to your drink. As well as helping your skin and hair to look healthier, peanut butter helps look after your heart too.