Confidence is linked to every aspect of a happy and fulfilling life, is the cornerstone of leadership, and the key to being successful no matter where you are. It allows you to be more motivated and resilient, reduces fear and anxiety, and can improve your relationships with others.

Confidence is not something you are born with, but rather a skill that takes hard work and time to build up.

What is Confidence?

As described by a report in Psychology Today, confidence can be described as a belief in oneself to meet challenges and succeed. Confidence is being one’s authentic self, understanding one’s capabilities and worth, and gaining credibility.

Self-confidence is built in many different ways and can improve and have a huge impact on one’s daily life. From positive thinking to building one’s knowledge and talking to others, there are tons of ways that confidence can be practiced.

Building Confidence

Below are a few examples of ways to build self-confidence and how to make confidence work for you:

Think Positively

When you notice yourself thinking about something negative, replace the thought with five reasons you are grateful for the day. At first, writing these thoughts down may help you to create this habit.

If you label the thought as negative and do not try to suppress it, you will understand and observe your thoughts rather than entering into the negative dialogue cycle.

Face Fears

As a Harvard Medical School professor recommends, think about your worst fear and imagine the worst thing that could happen. By spending time with the thoughts aligned with fear you are able to relax and calm your mind.

Over time, the fear will not seem as powerful and you will feel more confident taking on various challenges.

Get Prepared

What many people don’t realize is the power that knowledge has in relation to confidence. When you are prepared for a difficult conversation or even a social interaction about a familiar topic, you will feel much more confident.

By spending time reading personal development books and learning about topics you are unfamiliar with, you will be more empowered and prepared for a situation. When you feel more intelligent, you will speak with more confidence and will feel the ability to take on various responsibilities.

Know Yourself

Taking time for self-care and personal development is one of the best ways to gain confidence. When you spend time meditating, journaling, and analyzing your fears, you will improve your mental health and be more alert for anything the day may bring.

Meditating even ten minutes a day allows your mind to understand the thoughts that are holding you back which mitigates your fears and reluctance. Journaling allows you to write down thoughts and learn more about yourself.

When you understand who you are and what your capabilities are, you will find yourself much more confident in life.

Set Yourself Up for Success

When you write down your short-term and long-term goals, you will hold yourself accountable to accomplish success.

Once you have completed these goals and have a list of achievements, you will feel better prepared to take on harder challenges. This confidence allows you to block out negative thinking and have trust in yourself.


Confidence is the most important foundational skill to possess when attempting to achieve your goals. There are tons of ways to build up confidence and understand your abilities.

By creating goals and learning how to think positively, you will feel capable of accomplishing things that may have seemed impossible in the past. You will be more credible and trusted when you carry yourself in a confident way.