The most important way to build a reputation and respect, have a fulfilling and successful life, and feel satisfied at the end of the day is to build strong relationships with others.

Building strong relationships allow you to be supported in times of need, have a more positive outlook on life, and feel confident within yourself. Below are six different ways that you can improve both your personal and professional relationships.

Be a Good Listener

One of the most important qualities that a person can have when building relationships with others is to listen to what the other person has to say. When you listen and are genuinely interested and engaged in a conversation, the other person feels flattered and valued.

Being an active listener makes the speaker want to have more conversations with you because it boosts their self-esteem and makes them feel connected to you.

Develop Empathy

Understanding what a person has to say, especially in times of need, allows you to build a connection with that person. Being able to interpret what someone is going through and relate to it or touch it with your own feelings creates trust and a feeling of belonging.

If you are distant and seem preoccupied, that person will not want to open up to you and you will not be approachable. A foundation of empathy can also further develop relationships within a team at work.

Be Present

Nowadays with the widespread use of technology, we constantly feel the need to be looking down at our phones and staying up to date with our social media platforms.

However, technology can impact our relationships as it prevents us from giving our undivided attention to personal interaction. Putting away your phone while talking to someone shows them that you respect and care about what they have to say and are not distracted by anyone else.

The skill of being present in the moment and engaged in a conversation instead of trying to multitask allows you to build strong and deep relationships in your personal and professional life.


Although this may seem like an obvious skill when building strong relationships, communication is by far the most critical. If you are able to state your feelings, opinions, and emotions rather than avoiding them, you are able to build a strong foundation of trust for another person.

Clarifying what they are saying and making sure that you are approachable as a listener is a crucial aspect of communication to maintain solid relationships.

An article published by Psychology Today lists being vulnerable and listening without defensiveness and as two of the most important ways to build a solid foundation in a relationship. By communicating in a soothing way, the other person will feel welcomed to state how they feel without holding back in fear of your reaction.

The Importance of Solid Relationships

As naturally social creatures, human beings have the tendency to crave social interactions and spend time with others. The more relationships we are able to build, the happier and more supported we will feel over time.

At work, having a strong foundation of trust within your team allows you to confidently express your opinions and enjoy going to work. If your relationships are strong at home, you will be more motivated to spend time with family and you will have someone to trust and to communicate with in a positive and healthy way.

When there are strong foundations and a sense of communication within your relationships, you will no longer feel the need to waste time on problematic and negative ones.

You will be supported by others that lift you up and lead you on a path to success. Building these amazing relationships is a key life skill and there are many ways to improve every day.