Love Yourself and Watch Your Self-Esteem Grow

    Love Yourself and Watch Your Self-Esteem Grow

    We live in a society where acceptance of loving yourself is growing more popular. People engage in “self-care Sunday’s” or relish in the fun of treating themselves to personal favorites.

    There’s definitely something to gain from the art of self-love. It is compelling; as well as the immediate ‘feel-good’ benefits, it can even increase your confidence.

    If you want to develop stronger self-esteem, consider these five tips that focus on self-love. In time, you’ll begin to see your confidence skyrocket!

    Practice Self-Care

    Individuals who love themselves make it a point to set aside time weekly or daily to cater to their needs. This could be in the form of personal grooming, napping or even engaging in a favorite hobby.

    It’s easy to get burnt out, especially when you have many responsibilities on your plate. Often, thinking about all the things you have to accomplish can be a significant detriment to your self-esteem.

    However, avoid these overwhelming feelings by doing the things that make you happy. This will help you continue growing in love with yourself and boosting your confidence.

    Doing this will bolster your appreciation of your ‘why,’ and make your life feel more worthwhile. If, on the other hand, you don’t take time for yourself, it is easy to feel like you are living an empty life, and depression can creep in.

    Eliminate Toxic People

    When you love yourself, you won’t allow toxic people to be an enduring presence in your life. These could be friends, family members or even romantic partners.

    Take pride in your time, energy and self-worth by only surrounding yourself with people who are going to uplift you.

    Although it’s difficult cutting ties with those you’ve become so comfortable with, it’s beneficial to your overall confidence. Being exposed to constant negativity does nothing for your mental health.

    Speak Kindly to Yourself

    Could you imagine speaking harshly towards your beloved pet or an innocent child? If not, why would you talk negatively to yourself?

    Practice speaking kind words to yourself daily. Doing this will help you to focus on your good qualities which subtly blocks your pondering on the negative. Every day repeat powerful affirmations that highlight what you like about yourself. A few examples of quality affirmations are:

    • I am strong. capable and resilient
    • I am kind towards others
    • I have excellent taste in music
    • I uplift and encourage my friends

    When you do this, try and focus on more profound aspects of your personality. This extra effort will help you see beyond the physical and well into what makes you an excellent person.

    Take Care of Your Body

    Loving yourself involves taking care of your mind, body, and soul. Fulfilling self-love involves engaging in regular work-out routines, eating well and feeding yourself spiritually. When you holistically take care of your body and mind, you are less likely to allow outside influences to taint your hard work.

    Also, taking care of your body releases serotonin and dopamine; this is especially so when working out. When you engage in regular physical activities, you will feel greater joy and happiness in simply ‘being.’

    Your improved health, strength, and fitness will make you feel better about yourself and develop a healthy sense of confidence.

    Challenge Yourself

    Challenging yourself may seem counterintuitive to improving your self-esteem. However, over time, it actually increases it. Small, repetitive wins are the secret to growing self-confidence and increasing courage and resilience.

    Once you prove to yourself that you’re able to accomplish something challenging, you’ll see your confidence grow. You’ll appreciate your own strength and tap into qualities of yourself you never knew were there.

    If you’re looking for challenging activities that are bound to raise your self-confidence, check out these excellent ideas:

    • Switch your car out for a bike and cycle to work
    • Challenge yourself to tackle a complicated recipe
    • Take a solo road trip across the country
    • Train for a 5k race

    You’ll soon find that with each victory, your confidence will skyrocket.

    Implementing these tips into your daily routine will help you develop a healthy sense of self. Over time, you’ll see your confidence and esteem grow. You’ll no longer allow negative people or situations into your life that don’t nurture your confidence.

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