One of the biggest secrets for getting results with your weight loss goals is to come to the understanding that results don't just come from your diet and fitness plan, it also comes from changing your mindset.

When you alter your mindset in the way you approach dieting and exercising to that of someone who has an amazing body, you would be pretty amazed at how faster and more consistent you'll get results.

Getting massive results from fitness has a direct connection to how you approach exercising. If you want to ensure great results, then I strongly recommend you avoid focusing on the following (and why)…

*A word of warning first.* The following may feel like “tough love”… so be prepared…

A.) Worrying about the amount of calories you've burned during a workout…

And the reason why is because when you focus on the amount of calories you've burned during a workout, this has a great chance of causing you to lose motivation. This happens when you may have done a GREAT workout that WILL produce results… but the calories that are being shown that you've burned may not be a number you wished for.

The problem is that it's not JUST calories that you have to be concerned with, you also have to ensure you are building muscle as well (which doesn't burn off a ton of calories during the workout), but yet it is extremely beneficial for weight loss and fat loss!

B.) Concerned with how you look at the gym…

If you are putting too much emphasis on your fashion statement at the gym, then you'll more than likely have a very hard time reaching your goals. In other words, caring too much about how you look can cause you to lose motivation to workout if you can't find an amazing outfit to wear at the gym… for example.

Listen, when you go to the gym, you are going there to transform your body and get in the best shape and health of your life… and not look like a million bucks!

The only thing to be concerned with is that you have COMFORTABLE clothing and quality footwear.

C.) Worried about the way you look while doing your exercises…

Some people either avoid doing certain exercises or don't even exercise at all because they are embarrassed about the way they'll look while performing a workout (facial expressions, excessive sweat, etc.).

Bottom line, people do not care about how you look at the gym! They are focused on doing what they have to do… and so should you.

Changing your body physically will cause you to sweat, it will cause you to breathe heavily, and it will cause you to make some crazy facial expressions… and that's okay!

Sweat, heavy breathing, and facial expressions are by-products of an AWESOME workout! If you're not sweating, breathing heavily, or looking like someone just hit your car, then you're doing something wrong!

D.) Thinking you need to buy the best and most expensive equipment…

Equipment doesn't change your body… YOU do. Equipment is just a tool to getting you incredible results. The same results that one person can achieve on a $5,000 treadmill can be achieved by someone who purchased a $40 pair of running sneaks and just used the outdoors as their “treadmill”.

You DO NOT *need* to go out and purchase all kinds of expensive equipment to get in shape.

This is not to say they don't work, I'm just saying it is not necessary.

Don't think that unless you have that pricey fitness machine, you won't get amazing results. That is certainly not true. You can just use your body weight and get in great shape! Or, you can just join a gym. In fact, as of late, many fitness centers are charging WAY less now!

E.) Spending way too much time chit-chatting at the gym…

It's okay to say hi. It's okay to have a brief conversation about the game last night or what happened on a T.V. show. But when you walk through those gym doors, your primary focus needs to be to get to WORK!

You are there to get in the best shape and health of your life… and not to spend majority of your time gossiping or having full conversations. Even worse is doing this in the mix of your workout (you do one set, have a full conversation, do another set, and then talk to someone else, and on, and on)!

Just remember, when you get to the gym… it's game time! It's time to sweat and it's time to get busy!

F.) Getting mentally paralyzed deciding on what type of workout you should do… This is a BIG one.

Many people are swamped with different options out there for exercising. You got so many different types of fitness plans, DVD's, exercising methods, exercise machines, and more. And because of this, many end up not even starting because they simply can't make up their mind.

How do you fix this?

Well, it's simple really. Look at the different options, and choose something that you'll know you won't have any problem sticking to.

  • Maybe you'll find it easier to go the gym?
  • Maybe you'll find it better for you to workout at home?
  • Maybe a body weight circuit routine is more ideal for you?
  • Maybe Cross Fit is something you'll enjoy? Etc.

G.) Afraid of feeling sore after a workout…

If you are afraid of feeling sore after a workout, then I'm sorry to tell you, you are NOT going to get the body you have always wanted!

Soreness and fitness goes hand in hand. It's that soreness you are feeling that is actually changing your body! It's your body adapting to this new thing you are doing… and that's all a good thing. If you don't feel sore immediately after a workout, or a couple of days after a workout, then you aren't working out hard enough.

Now, don't get me wrong here…

There is a BIG difference between “soreness” and “pain”. If you feel pain, then that could mean injury… and if that is the case, you need to STOP exercising and see your physician. If it is simple muscle soreness, then no excuses, keep at it!

H.) Going INSANE with cardio…

Aerobic exercises are important to do for so many reasons besides just losing weight. However, if you do aerobic exercises (especially if it is high intensity) way too much, then this could end up causing a myriad of issues.

For example, you could end up losing muscle tissue, developing an injury, and more.

What I recommend you do is a 70/30 split with building lean muscle and cardio. 70 percent should be with resistance training and 30 percent with cardio. This will get you the best overall results.

I.) Concentrating on improving just one area of your body…

This is something a lot of people make a mistake with.

Many have the desire to lose belly fat, or shrink their love handles, or slim down their thighs, etc. And then will primarily focus on JUST taking care of those specific areas whenever they exercise. Doing this will cause you more problems that can fit inside a full report!

When you exercise, work your WHOLE body… not just one area. And correct me if I'm wrong, but clearly, there is nothing wrong that!

In Closing…

Listen, I'm sorry if the above came off a little strong, but it's imperative that you change your mindset with how you approach fitness in order to not just get results, but to also protect your health as well. Follow those tips above, and before you know it, you'll reach a point where you actually can't wait to do your daily exercise!