Why Stress Can Lead to Overeating

Stress can lead to overeating due to the powerful soothing effect that some foods have. Stress releases hormones and chemicals in your body that practically beg you to eat high-fat and sugar-filled...

Eating In Front of the TV Vs. at the Table

It turns out that the stereotype of the couch potato is right on target. If you eat too many of your meals in front of the television versus at your dinner table, do not be surprised if you find...

Why Does Junk Food Make Us Feel So Good?

On the matter of junk food, why does it make you feel so good? If it is so bad for you, why does it taste so downright yummy? And why do you get such a euphoric feeling of happiness when you eat it?...

Why Does Eating Feel Soothing?

If you have a peaceful and soothing feeling after eating fatty foods, there is good news. This is a natural reaction, and not necessarily an inability on your part to stick to your diet. But exactly...

Can a Juice Cleanse Help Break Unhealthy Eating Habits?

To answer this question, you first need to know exactly what a “juice cleanse” is. Also known as juice fasting, this is a practice of taking in no solid foods for usually 24 to 72 hours...

Are You Eating to Fill a Void in Your Life?

Are you eating for emotional reasons? Maybe you eat to celebrate a positive achievement, or to punish yourself for some type of failure. This is a case where you may be eating simply to fill a void...

The Physical Differences Between the Feelings of Hunger and Thirst

A lot of us overeat, or eat unhealthy junk and comfort foods, when we are not even hungry. Our body is really asking for liquids, but we eat instead. Why is it that we have such a hard time...

The Negative Consequences of Food Addiction

Food addiction happens for emotional and physiological reasons. Multiple experiments at respected medical and health institutions show that tasty foods filled with sugar, fat and salt cause a...

What Our Cavemen Ancestors Can Teach Us About Our Eating Habits

Cavemen did not have the benefit (or what we are increasingly finding out is a deadly disadvantage) of modern chemical-based agriculture. We now know how to make foods last longer, grow bigger and...

Can Fatty Foods Be Addictive?

Fats are an essential part of proper nutrition. But as you know, eating too much fat can be unhealthy. And then there is the problem of flavor. Some fat-filled foods taste great, so they are hard to...

Are You Addicted to Junk Food?

Are you addicted to junk food? No? Then let's try a little experiment. Double bacon cheeseburger … pepperoni pizza with extra cheese … doughnuts … ice cream … extra-large...

7 Sweet Steps to Stop Those Sugar Cravings

If you are absolutely unsuccessful in steering clear of the wonderfully sweet taste of sugar, you shouldn't feel bad. That is because your brain is hardwired to demand, crave and beg for sugary...

Does Food Ever Really Make You Happy?

Research shows that sugar, fatty foods and chocolate please your brain. So your mind releases “feel good” chemicals to reward you. Foods with calcium, chromium and folate, like milk,...

Is Chocolate Really Addictive?

Chocolate lovers, rejoice! Your inability to stop stuffing your face with sweet, creamy wonderful tasting chocolate is less about will power and more about your internal hard wiring. Researchers...

What Makes Sugar Addictive?

If you are one of the millions suffering from an unhealthy sugar addiction, you understand how hard it is to resist. And according to pediatric endocrinologist Dr. Robert H. Lustig and psychologist...

Why Salty Foods Can Be Addictive

Why is salt is so addictive, and how can you defeat your unhealthy salt cravings? You know too much salt can cause heart and circulatory problems, so what makes you crave it? Unfortunately, salt...

Should You Eliminate Junk Food from Your Diet Cold Turkey?

If you find yourself craving food that is bad for you, it may not be a good idea to use a “cold turkey” approach to quitting. There is confusion as to how the term cold turkey originated,...

5 Unhealthy Eating Habits to Avoid

It is easy to adopt poor eating habits. Especially in a world where society demands speed. Everyone wants fast Internet connections, fast banking, fast service at the checkout line and fast food....


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