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10 Worst Foods For Heart Health

When it comes to keeping your heart healthy, there are certain foods that, depending on your level of heart health and risk levels for heart …

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6 Key Heart Health Tips for Men

It is an unfortunate statistic, but heart disease affects men more than women, and it affects men at younger ages than women. With this being …

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The Mediterranean Diet: Still a Winner for Heart Health

If you are concerned about heart health, then the Mediterranean diet could be just what you need. A healthy diet, in general, should incorporate fruit, …

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Low Blood Pressure 101

Most people worry about high blood pressure but you can have just as many health problems from having low blood pressure. Low blood pressure is …

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10 Key Risk Factors For Heart Disease

Heart disease can happen whether you have risk factors for heart disease or not. Heart disease is the #1 cause of death of both men …

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6 Signs That Your Heart Health Is In Jeopardy

More often than not, people don’t know that they are having problems with their heart. According to the Centers For Disease Control, the majority of …

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