Signs of High Emotional Intelligence

No matter how we plan, we have no way of controlling all the events that occur, or how people think of us. Though we are programmed to react to and feel emotions daily, it is how well we manage our emotions, thoughts, behaviors, and how we relate with others and influence them that ultimately defines our lives.

Emotionally intelligent people have common traits that we unconsciously admire.

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According to Epictetus, “It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.”

A person’s capacity to manage their emotions and behavior, which in turn affects how they behave and influence others, is an indicator of their level of emotional intelligence or emotional quotient. EQ is malleable, and anyone can improve and develop it within themselves. Emotionally intelligent people have traits in common. These are the qualities exuded by people with high EQ.

Accept Change

Because there is nothing more constant in life than change, emotionally intelligent individuals understand and embrace the changes that are necessary to go through in life to grow and evolve.

Even if change doesn’t pan out well all the time, these individuals don’t hold it against themselves or act towards other people destructively. Instead, they deal with the situation the best way they could and accept what is outside their control.

Not Seeking Perfection

Emotionally intelligent individuals know that to aspire for perfection is futile and instead, focus on making progress their goal.

They understand that perfection is elusive and that seeking it will likely result in feelings of inadequacy and negativity, from themselves and others. Instead of focusing on perfection, emotionally intelligent individuals keep moving forward by focusing on action. People are naturally more driven to action when they have a positive mindset.

Ability to Read Non-Verbal Cues or Non-Verbal Communication

Communication is not always made verbally or explicitly written. Sometimes, human behavior is even enigmatic and takes more than words to understand. Emotional intelligence makes itself apparent when people understand others even in the absence of language.

They empathize and understand through non-verbal cues and respond accordingly. The ability to judge the words and actions you deliver to others in response to their non-verbal cues says a great deal about your emotional intelligence.

Good Judge of Character

A great part of emotional intelligence involves dealing with other people, although it doesn’t necessarily equate to being specifically introverted or extroverted. Understanding others is nothing new to emotionally intelligent individuals; in fact, they take pleasure in it.

They have keen social awareness, and their minds are open to other people’s differences, uniqueness, and motivations. They can tell a lot about a person by simply meeting them and being around them. This attunement to others is what allows them to see through other people’s facades, and makes them a good judge of character.

Do Not Take Offense Easily

People with high emotional intelligence do not easily feel offended or harbor ill feelings towards other people without any solid basis. They are sure of themselves and do not impulsively react to jokes and lighthearted fun in a negative way. They do not easily feel hurt by the words of others, but if they recognize something is off, they’ll clear it up before the issue gets too huge to handle.

They Balance Life and Work by Taking Time Off

Working consistently hard and non-stop makes anybody subject to unneeded stress. To balance life and work, people always need some time off to unwind, live in the present, allow the mind to relax and the body to recharge. Even machines require a scheduled downtime.

Certainly, people need to set some time off to rebuild themselves. Being able to put aside work during a scheduled vacation is a sign of high EQ. It means that you understand what your mind and body need. When people take the necessary time off, and mindfully enjoy the break, they can get back to work more energized and perform better.