Stress is something which we all experience at some point, even if it’s only every once in a while. However, for some people, stress can get too much.

Allowing too much stress into your life can damage your health, both physically and mentally, so it’s important to try and spot any signs of excessive stress earlier rather than later. Here are some of the signs that you need to look at controlling your stress and seeking some support.

Other people have started saying you seem stressed

If this happens once or twice, it’s not much of a cause for concern. But if your family, friends or colleagues start telling you on a regular basis that you seem stressed, it might be time to reflect on yourself and decide whether you need to take a step back.

You feel restless

Struggling to fall asleep at night or stay still during business meetings are signs that you’re having difficulties with stress levels. Feelings of restlessness are often associated with high stress levels since it can often mean you have too much on your mind and therefore struggle to relax.

You’re getting more headaches

Most people experience headaches at some point, but if you’re getting more frequent headaches or more painful headaches on a regular basis, this could be one of the physical signs that you are under too much stress. Try to work out the cause of your stress so that you can begin to take steps to eliminate it.

You’re feeling more tired

This one might seem the opposite of feeling restless, but tiredness and fatigue can also mean that you are too stressed. If you feel like you are tired all the time even though you’re getting a normal amount of sleep, it could be a sign that you need to start controlling your stress levels.

However, you shouldn’t assume that feeling tired as a stand alone symptom means that you are too stressed, as it can be an indicator of many other problems.

Self-esteem levels have dropped

Did you used to feel good about yourself but lately you’ve been feeling negative? This can be a sign that you’re experiencing too much stress and need to think about ways to control it. Noticing this sign as soon as possible means that you can seek support and combat the symptoms of stress early on.