Dealing with stress and anxiety isn’t easy, and if you have a job which is causing your stress, or you’re finding your family life difficult, you might be thinking of ways to relax and reduce your stress levels.

As well as natural ways to lifestyle changes which are good for reducing stress and anxiety levels, you can also consider taking vitamins and supplements. These often give your body vital vitamins that it is missing out on. Here are some of the best vitamins for stress and anxiety.

1. Vitamin A

When you’re stressed or you struggle with anxiety, it can take a lot of energy from you. While somebody with low stress levels might still be feeling energetic well into the afternoon, you might find yourself struggling to make it until lunchtime.

Vitamin A does a good job getting rid of the toxins that take away your energy when you’re feeling stressed or anxious.

2. Vitamin B1

Next on the list of vitamins which are great for combatting stress and anxiety is Vitamin B1. This is one of the vitamins which works to lift your mood and help you feel a little bit happier. It aids with the functionality of your nervous system too, which is responsible for many of your feelings, including adrenaline and stress.

3. Vitamin B3

Many people who struggle with high stress levels and anxiety experience difficulties with sleep. This includes not getting enough sleep and getting a poor quality of sleep. Vitamin B3 is able to help your body falling asleep more peacefully, and can also help you to stay asleep for longer in order to get a better quality of sleep.

4. Vitamin B2

A common vitamin for relieving stress, Vitamin B2 is a must-have for anybody struggling to manage high levels of stress. Known as one of the natural stress relievers, it can be taken alongside other vitamins to boost its impact.

5. Vitamin B12

You can find Vitamin B12 in many dairy products, meat and fish, and one of its main benefit is the ability to lift your mood. Since Vitamin B12 is also an essential part of any weekly diet for those suffering with iron deficiency, it can improve other general health concerns.

This includes problems with falling asleep or staying asleep, general tiredness and fatigue, and both physical and mental energy levels.