You want to lose weight and improve your body internally and externally, right? But, you also don't want to get frustrated, end up with side-effects, waste a ton of money, and then don't get any real results on top of it all, right?

Alright, here are 4 diet mistakes I strongly recommend you STOP doing immediately or AVOID doing to begin with...

1. Forgetting the basic weight loss staples...

Most people get so wrapped up in which diet is going to work or which exercise program is going to get them great results, that they forget that in order to get in great shape, lose weight, etc., it goes beyond JUST what type of diet and exercise plan you're doing.

What it also takes are the most important things that you have to do everyday already... but in a much better and more consistent fashion.

Those things are drinking more water and getting more sleep. When you drink more water (such as 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water daily) and get more sleep (such as a minimum of 7 hours)... consistently, you will end up speeding up how fast you lose weight, body fat, and more.

2. You're taking dangerous diet pills or you're taking not-so dangerous pills... BUT... that's all you're doing...

First off, if you are taking dangerous pills, please cease doing so right away. The news broadcasts, articles, doctor's warnings, etc. are all not some conspiracy or something when they talk about how dangerous these pills are (and some are even life threatening). Many people literally have died because of diet pills (primarily due to heart failure)!

Second, if you just so happen to be taking safer pills (such as natural supplements), please do not think that they are all you need in order to lose weight. You STILL have to diet and exercise. Otherwise, you will NOT see results. Your body responds to proper nutrition and activity.

3. You're not doing both diet AND exercise...

This is a very common issue.

Listen, the body is meant to be physically fit and healthy internally. When it is, your body will function incredibly well and will look incredible.

To get those things to happen, what you put IN your body must be natural and healthy, what you do to care for the OUTSIDE of your body must be effective. Bottom line, to lose weight and burn fat, you must do BOTH... diet and exercise. Not one or the other.

4. You're doing the EVERYBODY diet instead of the YOU diet...

Fad diets are popular because we live in a society where if one thing becomes all the rage and everyone is doing it (Gangnam style dancing for example), then that's what everyone is going to gravitate to.

Even worse is when celebrities start doing a particular fad diet!

The problem is that not only are fad diets ineffective at getting you permanent and NATURAL results, many of them may not be ideal for YOU.

The best solution to this problem is very simple. Go on a 100% all natural diet. A natural diet works for anyone. It doesn't matter what your current situation is, if you go on a natural diet, you WILL get results.

So, steer clear of those mistakes above, and I can assure you, you WILL start seeing results coming to you faster, easier, and more consistent! Not to mention, you'll STAY in shape as well!