The Top 5 Ways to Boost Your Energy

Of course, it’s hard to get that flat stomach of your dreams if you’re tired all the time. Many of us lead busy lives that leave us feeling stressed out, drained, and just plain exhausted.

While it’s unrealistic to do away with all of the demands on your time, it is very possible to increase your energy level so that you can cope with those demands and still have enough oomph left to exercise.

Here are five great habits that will have you feeling energized in no time:

Tip #1: Eat small, frequent meals.

Your body is in a constant state of action. It has to move, think, and carry on vital functions throughout the day. Therefore, it needs constant refueling in the form of small, frequent, healthy meals.

Start your day off right with a combination of protein and healthy carbs for breakfast, such as a scrambled egg, two slices of turkey bacon, and a cup of strawberries. Eat another snack two hours later, like a handful of almonds and a stick of low-fat string cheese. Distribute your calories throughout the day, eating every two to three hours, to keep your hunger low and your energy high.

Tip #2: Add exercise to your daily routine.

One effective way to energize your body is through exercise. The more you move, the more your body will want to keep moving. Exercise will also speed up your weight loss, keep you flexible, improve your heart health, and decrease your stress level. There’s no reason not to do it!

If you’re not accustomed to exercise, experts recommend starting small. Find a fun cardio exercise, like walking or dancing, and work it into your daily schedule five times per week. Each exercise session should last 20 to 30 minutes to begin. After just a few days, you will notice that you feel better, sleep better, and have energy to spare throughout your day.

Tip #3: Get enough sleep.

Studies show that most people, especially women, aren’t getting enough sleep these days. Like food, sleep is crucial for recharging your energy. Get too little, and you’ll have trouble focusing on tasks, struggling through your exercise routine, or even staying awake.

How much sleep is enough? The typical adult requires anywhere from 7 to 10 hours per night. Sadly, less than 40% of all Americans get a sufficient amount of sleep. To get the best rest possible, avoid drinking caffeine in the afternoon and avoid alcohol consumption at night. Caffeine can act as a stimulant for up to 7 hours after you drink it, and wine and other alcoholic beverages are notorious for causing nighttime wakefulness. Also, avoid over-the-counter sleep-aids if possible. These have been known to stimulate the appetite, and you could become dependent on them.

Tip #4: Practice conscious breathing for stress-relief.

Stress can zap your energy, leaving you physically and emotionally exhausted. Stress has also been linked to a large number of health complaints, from migraines and insomnia to weight gain.

To de-stress the natural way, choose a quiet place to sit and relax. Take a deep breath, inhaling as deeply as possible until your lungs are full and your stomach is distended. Hold the breath for a count of four, then release it slowly and completely. Wait four seconds and repeat the process. Conscious breathing calms the mind and revitalizes the body.

Tip #5: Feel your best with vitamins and nutritious foods.

A vitamin deficiency could be contributing to your lack of energy. It’s important to get the recommended amount of vitamins and minerals each day. Try eating a variety of foods each day. Eggs, lean meat, low-fat dairy products, whole grains, and a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables will provide most or all of your nutritional needs.

Some vitamins, particularly the B vitamins, are crucial for optimal energy and metabolism. To fill in any gaps in your nutrition, take a multi-vitamin each morning. Some vitamins are fat-soluble, so 1% milk is a good beverage to wash them down with.

A healthy body needs plenty of energy to work efficiently. You can boost your energy by controlling stress, eating properly, exercising daily, and getting a good night’s sleep.