Most people are starting to now realize that what diet program you are doing or what exercise program you are doing is not going to make one bit of a difference... IF... you are not mentally prepared to stick with it.

I'm sure by now you are realizing that strengthening your mind should ALWAYS come first if you want to reach your health goals.

But... there is a problem...

When someone is looking for motivation and inspiration with getting in shape, they may look at a video, they may read a story, they may read some motivational quotes, they may check out some before and after photos, etc.

However, the problem with that is most will only get the feeling to do this once in a while.

So what am I getting at here?

Well, the secret to staying unbelievably motivated with achieving your goals is that you must consistently seek motivation and inspiration!

Now look at that word "seek". What does it mean?

Well, the word seek is a verb, and it therefore means CONSTANT action.

This means that there should be some source of CONSTANT inspiration and motivation for you. This doesn't mean you have to spend hours everyday looking for motivational sources for you to stick to your weight loss goals. This means that there should be something that you can see, hear, or touch around you as much as possible and as often as possible to keep you consistently focused and motivated.

This means putting pictures up of how you want to look, printing out your favorite quotes and tacking them up around your office or home, making a motivational screen saver, and more.

Let me give you an analogy to help paint a clearer picture...

What I recommend you do is to treat motivation and inspiration like it's fuel...

Now, answer the following question:

In a vehicle, what burns fuel? Did you answer: The engine?

Guess what?

If motivation and inspiration are fuel, then that means it's going to burn out just like it would in a vehicle... right?

Well, if that fuel burns out, then something must be doing the burning just like the engine does... right?

The engine that is burning away your motivation and inspiration to achieve your goals to lose weight and get in great shape is... LIFE!

Now, you obviously can't stop life from happening...

You got to go to work, you got to take care of the kids, you got to pay the bills, you got to go to school, you're in a relationship, etc. Unfortunately, for most of us, those things can be pretty draining mentally and emotionally... and when that happens... your fuel (motivation and inspiration to achieve your goals) will most certainly get burned out.

Therefore, the secret to staying motivated to achieve the body you have always wanted is to simply keep refilling that fuel as often as possible... and you WILL NEVER run out of fuel (motivation) to stick with reaching your weight loss goals!