Ways to Start Respecting Yourself

Self-respect is having confidence and behaving with pride, honor, and dignity. It is an inherent quality of every human being whatever your status in life. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, many people lose it, or have it taken from them.

It is an aspect that separates humans from animals. You have the intelligence, the sense of self-worth, and the knowledge of who you are so you are confident of your own abilities.

Respect yourself - Let your uniqueness shine through!

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If you have low self-respect, don’t expect people to treat you with high regard. It starts within you, in your inner self. If you respect yourself, people will do the same. It’s a domino effect.

What you project to others is what they perceive you to be. If you have self-respect, you treat people the same way and they reciprocate how you treat them.

You can develop your self-esteem in parallel with your self-respect, as the two are closely entwined. It’s your attitude towards yourself. Whatever crisis life brings, if you keep your dignity and self-respect intact, almost nothing can break your spirit.

You can soar high from the storms of your life. Life’s tests will strengthen your self-respect and your resilience, making it easier to face challenges in the future. You will become a person of strength and confidence.

Here are some best ways to develop healthy self-respect:

Accept Who You Are

Have you meditated on what kind of person you are? Spend alone time and analyze what sort of person you have become or would desire to be. Know your strengths and weaknesses.

Focus on the former, they are your potential, maximize them. Whatever shortcomings you may have, try to change them for the better, but do not dwell on them. Take action and move on, or accept them.

If you realize you’re not a very friendly person why not start to reach out to the people around you such as your neighbors, workmates or schoolmates. Next time you see them, why not give them a smile and say “Hello”.

Few people can resist a friendly greeting. It starts from there. Acceptance from others is a big step to increased self-acceptance, but you may need to make the first move.

Let Your Uniqueness Shine Through

Allow your unique traits to define who you are. Don't be afraid to stand out and don’t let the opinions of others smoother the real you. Express yourself, what you feel and think.

If not in so many words, through painting, drawing, photography, singing, or learning another language. If you have skills and talents, share them to the whole world.

You are you, unique and different from the rest. By letting your uniqueness shine through, you are making a statement such as “This is who I am”. If you are a compassionate person, let it shine by volunteering to a charity or community work.

Even a simple task of helping a neighbor can make a statement for you.

Nurture Relationships with Your Loved Ones

A close relationship with family members or friends can boost your self-respect. Knowing that somebody believes in you, accepts and loves you no matter what can make you grounded.

You can better feel ‘allowed’ to be what you want to be and celebrate your individuality with a well-balanced and sensible personality. You can be confident that whatever happens, you have someone to rely on, someone who can support you to achieve your dreams and ambitions.

They are the ones who know you inside and out and will not judge you for the things you’ve done or have not done. They are your anchor, making you secure by loving you unconditionally.

Make Your Own Decisions

Asking for a piece of advice from persons you trust is a wise move. Letting them make the decision for you is another story. If you just follow what others tell you to do, you’re not human, you’re a puppet. You have intelligence and set of values which you use to weigh the right from the wrong.

If you don’t have a mind of your own and live someone else’s life or dreams, it’s not living, only existing. Nobody should be a slave of another. You gain self-respect if you make your own decisions and learn from your mistakes.

It can make you grow, develop your self-confidence that you can rely on your own judgment to make choices in life.

Keep Your Own Moral Codes and Values

Values are ethics, a set of moral principles that directs a person how to conduct themselves. If you stand by your values, people will respect you for it. If you don’t want to do something because it is against your moral code and values, then you have to be firm to hold on to your resolve.

There should be no swaying from one set of values to another. So, what would be the result if you stand up for what you believe is right?

You add to your self-respect and pride. You’re confident that your moral codes and values will guide you to a life that you deserve; being happy, confident, and with a good conscience.