Learning which chemicals are harmful to your skin is important if you want to look after yourself as well as possible and have a healthy lifestyle. An organic lifestyle is about more than just eating organic foods or shopping at your local farm – the clothes we are and the cosmetics that we use can play an equally important part.

Here are some of the chemicals you should look out for.


These chemicals are among the most common that you will see on the ingredients list when out shopping for cosmetics and toiletries. Parabens can be found in shampoos and soaps, to name just a couple.

You should be aware of these chemicals in all the different forms they appear – normally as part of a compound word which includes 'paraben'. These are thought to increase your risk of cancer and can damage your skin and cause it to age quicker.


While we all like to smell nice, you can do it without having to wear a perfume which is full of chemicals. Sadly, many of the perfumes that we love and find on the shelves of our favorite department stores are full of harmful toxins and chemicals.

There are more than 3000 different chemicals used to make the average perfume, and not all of them will have been tested before use. Use of parfum can cause people to develop asthma, or for those already suffering it, the symptoms can worsen.

Polyethylene Glycols (PEGs)

Used in many different cosmetics as a thickening agent, PEGs are thought to be carcinogenic to humans. Apart from the harm that it can cause to you, it is thought to take its time going down the drain too when you dispose of it after use.

This means that long after it's left your skin, it's lingering around in the environment wreaking havoc in other toxic ways.


Another chemical which is often found in skin care products including chap sticks and other lip products, petrolatum is believed to contribute towards skin allergies and irritations. In certain parts of the world, use of petrolatum in beauty products has been limited since it is thought to carry chemicals which cause cancer.

Always read the labels on your cosmetics and toiletries, and shop around to find organic or natural alternatives if you are concerned about the effects that these chemicals are having on your body.