Self-respect is hard to measure. There is no test that you can take or machine that can determine whether or not you have the honorable characteristic of self-respect. We can all agree, though, that self-respect is an attractive trait.

There are five sure fire signs that you have respect for yourself. Read about each of these five signs below and hopefully they will all describe you!

You Set Boundaries and Stick to Them

Boundaries are important. Children are said to thrive in a structured environment which is why parents and teachers work so hard to create and maintain boundaries that allow children to thrive.

But what happens when the adults are gone and you are left making your own rules? Ideally, you will set your own moral and emotional boundaries and stick to them.

Self-respecting people know their limits. While they probably do not have a moral code written down, they have a clear understanding of what they do and do not find as acceptable behavior.

Further, self-respecting people will not sway when presented with temptation or pressure to push their boundaries.

You Maintain Long-Term Healthy Relationships

Relationships are an important part of your character. Your friends and partners most certainly help to shape your identity as well as the way others around you perceive your identity. Maintaining long-term, healthy relationships is a solid sign that you have a firm sense of self-respect.

Of course, relationships go beyond romantic relationships. We are talking about both romantic and platonic relationship health, here. Healthy relationships are friendships that do not require an enormous amount of work on either end.

The parties are independent, they thrive both with their friends and without them. They are able to go some time without communication and remain friends. They do not engage in competition.

You Respect Your Health

The big picture of your health is that it can be broken into three categories: mental health, emotional health, and physical health. If you manage to keep up with all three then you really are rocking your life. But prioritizing your general health is a good sign of self-respect.

Taking care of your mental and emotional health may be one of the hardest feats to overcome these days. We do not like to admit when we need help in these areas, but they are crucial to our success.

Your physical health is equally important to your mental and emotional health. You do not have to run a marathon or bench press your body weight to keep your physical health in check. Simply make your own goals regarding your physical health and stick to them!

Self-care in the area of health is so important and unfortunately, this is the area that so many are putting to the back burner. If you are making this a priority, then you are absolutely doing what is best for you and showing yourself respect!

You Respect Your Environment

Taking care of your surroundings is a crucial aspect of respecting yourself. I am not talking about going green, either. Keeping your dishes washed, your laundry done, your car cleaned. It feels good to have the environment around you taken care of.

All of these chores that you accomplish on a weekly basis are a sign that you respect yourself.

You Value Your Strengths and Your Weaknesses

Finally, understanding and recognizing that you have both strengths and weaknesses is a strong sign of self-respect. You cannot be good at everything every time you attempt a task.

By recognizing that you have both strengths and weaknesses, you are allowing yourself to become the best worker you can be!