You might think that living organic when on a budget is completely impossible. However, this simply isn't true. You can live a very organic lifestyle without spending much extra money than you normally do. Here are some of the ways you can live organic while on a budget.

1. Check out local farms

Not everybody lives within easy travelling distance of a farm, but if there is one nearby your home, check it out and see what is up for sale. Many farms have eggs and potatoes as a minimum, while other more advanced and working farms will have meat and milk for sale too.

2. Grow your own

You might not have a large garden or space for a greenhouse, and it's very rare that you'll have a home where growing your weekly shop is possible. However, there are definitely things that you will be able to grow in the comfort of your home, such as fresh herbs or tomatoes. You can consider this option depending on how much space and time you have.

3. Shop around for comparison

If you've only ever shopped in one supermarket, don't be surprised if you never seem to save any money on your weekly shop. If you're thinking about going organic, it might be time to shop around a little bit and see if there are any savings to be made elsewhere. You may be able to spread your shopping out over 2-3 different supermarkets to maximize the deals and offers available across all of them.

4. Ask farmers at the local market

There are markets all over the world, and you're unlikely to be too far away from one. If the market is only running during one day of the week, chat to the sellers there and see if you can purchase from them during other days of the week. Speak to the farmers to ask how their animals are kept if you are going to be buying any meat.

5. Opt out of plastic packaging

You can save some money here, since much of the time we are paying a premium for the plastic packaging that isn't great for our environment anyway. Wherever possible, buy loose fruit and vegetables (even if it's not organic), and don't use plastic bags to contain them.

There are very few items that absolutely need to be contained within a plastic bag, so much of the larger fruits and vegetables can be kept loose.