Once you’ve become an adult, it’s natural to want to look younger than you really are – particularly in a world where advertising often means that we feel pressure to look younger. If you want to start beating the signs of aging and looking younger than you really are, here are some quick tips to help.

1. Start moving more

Exercise is key to looking younger than your age, but that doesn’t mean you have to wake up early to go swimming or head to the gym every single day after work. You can vary your routine so that you do different exercises on different days, and don’t forget to give yourself at least one day a week to rest.

2. Lift some weights

Staying on the topic of exercise, lifting weights is often overlooked in many exercise regimes, especially for women, but the importance of weight training to look young couldn’t be higher. Strength training helps your skin to stay toned, which is a vital part of looking younger.

3. Drink water

Ensuring you drink at least two liters of water each day will help you on your journey to looking younger than you are. Drink more water if you can, but never drink more than 500-750ml in one go. Consistency is key – start saying no to the caffeinated and sugary drinks and choose more water.

4. Eat more fatty acids

The good fats can boost your energy levels and help you to feel confidence in your own skin. Omega 3, which is found in oily fish and nuts for example, has anti-aging properties which many people miss out on. Include this in your diet to start looking and feeling younger.

5. Stretch and stay flexible

One of the main problems that people complain about as they get older is their lack of flexibility. Maintaining your flexibility through exercise, particularly yoga and daily stretches, can help you to look younger.

6. Choose superfoods

Many foods are considered superfoods, but some of them are particularly good at helping you to look younger and slow down the effects of the aging process. Pomegranate is one of these foods, as well as avocados, eggs and rosemary.

7. Drink green tea

It’s not everybody’s idea of a delicious drink, but green tea has many health benefits that can keep both your mind and body active and energized. If you’re not a big fan of the taste, try flavored green tea which can change your experience.