Build Your Self-Esteem by Focusing on Your Positive Traits

If I were to tell you not to think of a purple dragon, what’s the likelihood that your brain will comply?

Surely, your mind took the initiative, and you envisioned some form of a mauve beast flying through the air or galloping in an open meadow.

This simple trick perfectly showcases the power of the mind. Even when told not to do something, the strength of the unconscious overwhelms.

While this brain game may seem innocent, it’s actually a beautiful template for building self-confidence. If your brain overrides a simple command like, “don’t picture a purple dragon,” imagine what else it could ignore when given the proper practice.

Every day we’re flooded with a stream of thoughts, both positive and negative. Some are confidence boosting while others are downright hurtful. Is there a trick to minimizing the negative thoughts and only focusing on the positive? Let’s see.

Positive Thinking: It Begins in the Mind

For many, the Law of Attraction has been the basis for behavior since the dawn of the enlightenment age, although it may not always be called that. Exponents believe that the energy you put out is what you’ll receive. This goes far beyond extending kind gestures or treating others with respect, with a reasonable expectation of reciprocity.

From the biblical “ask and ye shall receive” to the studies and musings of modern writers, there is a belief that what we ‘get’ in our lives is proportionate to what we subconsciously expect. It’s an actual force that begins in the brain.

Positive thinking has been shown to increase growth neurons and promote mental clarity. Also, researchers have found that positive thinking leads to a domino effect of more positive thoughts.

This ideology works wonders for increasing our self-confidence. If we make positive self-talk a practice, we’ll continue to repeat these patterns mentally.
Building your self-esteem requires a consistent stream of positive thinking, affirmations, and love.

You have to focus on what makes you shine as opposed to your flaws. By making this a habit, you’re training your brain to increase those growth neurons and shun negativity.

While this may seem easier said than done, the reality of these findings is in fact, real. To indeed see changes in your self-esteem, you have to practice speaking kindly to yourself.

Here are a few ways you can start focusing on your positive traits and living a life of confidence:

Eliminate Toxic People and Avoid Triggers

If you find it hard to find your inner strengths, perhaps it’s time to eliminate the dead-ends and remove exposure to things or people that don’t serve you or may even be causing you emotional harm. Start by cutting ties with negative people.

Their energy will surely rub off on you, making you distressed. If you can’t eliminate all forms of communication, create as much distance as is practical. The separation can be distressing in the short-term, but for your long-term wellbeing, is essential.

Practice Self-Affirmations

The power of positive self-talk is strong and proven. So strong, it can completely change the way you look at yourself. Every day, make it a habit to repeat your strengths to yourself, even those you may not fully possess yet, but wish to!

Whether it’s in writing or performed in front of the mirror, remind yourself why you’re amazing. Give yourself an unforgettable pep-talk that keeps you going throughout the day.

Take Care of Yourself

The favorite saying, “when you look good, you feel good” is modeled on truth. Even if you’re not feeling the best mentally, don’t let that impact your physical expression of yourself.

“Fake it till you make it” may sound trite, but once you have convinced your subconscious mind, you won’t have to pretend anymore, and your subconscious will drive you to successes you once only dreamed of.

Take the time to dress yourself in clothes you would be proud to be seen in, even if you are staying at home. Walk with confidence, even if you feel at your worst.

These actions will help you create a pattern of behavior that comes from within, requiring little effort on your part. Soon, you’ll begin to honestly feel that inner confidence.

Focusing on your positive qualities requires sustained, introspective healing and analyzation. Earnestly take the time to appreciate what makes you, you! In time, you’ll find that focusing on your positive traits in an innate habit. You’ll have the self-confidence you need to take on the world.