Can you really burn extra calories by drinking ice-cold water? Some dieters believe you can. Their reasoning is that it takes extra energy for the body to heat up the frigid water and digest it, resulting in more calories burned.

Dr. Roger Clemens from the USC School of Pharmacy did the math, and as it turns out, you do burn extra calories by drinking ice water – just not very many. In fact, for every 8-ounce glass of freezing water you consume, your body burns about 8 calories to heat the water before digestion.

To see a serious benefit from this approach would require you to drink a dangerous amount of water, so it’s not recommended. You’d be better off limiting your calorie intake and getting a little more physical activity.

However, drinking 64 ounces of water a day, cold or otherwise, will help you lose weight and get rid of bloating, so drink up!