Have a sweet tooth? Don’t let your love of desserts sabotage your diet plan! There are plenty of lower calorie alternatives that will satisfy your cravings without straining your skinny jeans.

If you’re dying for some ice cream, try a Weight Watchers frozen dessert. They typically clock in under 200 calories each. Or try one of the half-cup servings of real ice cream now available in many grocery stores. The tiny serving size gives you full flavor for a fraction of the calories.

For 200 calories, you can have two 100-calorie snack cakes; plenty of sugar-free pudding with whipped topping; or even a slice of fat-free cheesecake. Try chopping up some reduced-calorie pound cake and topping it with strawberries and sugar-free Cool Whip. You’ll have a virtuous strawberry shortcake that tastes like the real thing.

While some dieters avoid desserts like the plague, there’s no reason why you can’t indulge as long as you make smart substitutions and control your portion sizes.