It’s been proven that eating several small meals throughout the day can keep your metabolism in overdrive. But how do you eat so much and still manage to come in under your daily calorie allotment? By eating smart snacks under 100 calories.

There are many low-calorie fruits and vegetables you can munch on between meals. Cucumber, carrot sticks, celery, and strawberries will satisfy your cravings and deliver healthy vitamins for very few calories. Sugar-free Jell-o cups weigh in at a skinny 10 calories each. Craving cheese? Try low-fat cheese wedges for 35 calories apiece, or part-skim mozzarella sticks for 80 calories.

Avoid the 100 calorie packs of cookies and chips you see at the grocery store. They are good for occasional cravings, but they don’t really give you enough food to really satisfy your hunger. Plus, you’d get more nutrients by eating a sweet, crunchy apple or a low-fat yogurt cup.